The next step in cardiac care

Cardiosense is building a digital biomarker platform that leverages novel, multi-sensor devices and proprietary algorithms to detect early signs of disease and guide personalized therapy

Mining raw biosignals for unprecedented visibility into cardiac function

Built on over a decade of research, our team has developed an advanced signal processing pipeline to identify pre-symptomatic markers of cardiac disease.

Investigational Device. Limited by Federal (or United States) Law to Investigational Use

Introducing an end-to-end patient monitoring and sensor analytics ecosystem

CardioTag Sensor

Medical-grade, multi-sensor wearable device for wireless patient monitoring from in-hospital to home

Wavesense Platform

Device-agnostic software to enable aggregation, transmission, and analytics of physiological sensor data

Clinical AI

Digital biomarkers for early disease detection developed by applying deep learning to raw physiological waveforms


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